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A SANCTUARY GIRL MINISTRY CONFERENCE : January 27 - January 29, 2023 : NORTH MIAMI, Florida

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Why Heed the Battle Cry?

Every believer is engaged on some level in spiritual warfare, whether they accept it or know it. The enemy is active and at work in the world today like never before. If we are not equipped, alert, and ready, we will not be able to stand against him.

Heed the Battle Cry is a call from Heaven for Christians to come together, pray together, worship together, and experience an infilling of Holy Spirit Power, the Blood of Jesus, and the Word of God enabling us to bear our Swords of the Spirit. Leaving equipped to fight any battle or weapon that the enemy sends your way is our goal with Heed the Battle Cry. Calling down heaven and its warrior angels is our goal with Heed the Battle Cry. 

Heed the Battle Cry will fill you and strengthen you in a way you did not know was possible. Leave fear at the door and be ready to respond to the battlefield. You will not be alone!

What is the focus of the Conference?

Heed the Battle Cry is a Ministry Conference sponsored by Sanctuary Girl in January 2023. This powerful three-day conference will have an emphasis on spiritual warfare and encompass rich teachings on topics including the Blood of Jesus, Warfare and Invoking Angel Armies, the Holy Spirit, Deliverance, Supernatural Healing, and more.

This is an ACTIVE conference, which means hands-on experiences will be incorporated after every teaching, including opportunities to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, participate in supernatural healing prayer, prayer for deliverance, and twice-daily corporate soaking worship together as a community.

Heed the Battle Cry is designed to send every single soul home different from the way they came. Come ready to be equipped to face any battle in your life and to engage the power that explodes when believers come together. 

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How will the Conference be conducted? 

Heed the Battle Cry will be three days of soaking corporate worship, teaching, activations, healing, and fellowship. Each day will incorporate two opportunities for corporate worship with active soaking, flag worship, dancing, and the freedom to move and worship as you are led!

Speakers anointed in the Word will be teaching throughout each day on powerful topics with altar opportunities following each teaching. We don't just want you to listen and learn, we want you to come forward as needed and be healed, or delivered, or baptized in the Holy Spirit! Every teaching will end in an opportunity to experience for yourself what you just learned, making you stronger and more different than you were when you arrived. No shame or fear is welcome! If you need it, we are here to walk you through it.

Optional breakout sessions are also provided in areas including Discovering Your Holy Spirit Gifts, Kingdom Entrepreneurship, His & Hers Roundtable Discussions, and more! You will have many opportunities to fill your spiritual cup and you design your experience. Also, take advantage of our inspiring setting with the ocean 27 steps from your front door. Commune with God through His creation and get the rest and inspiration you need. You design your weekend as you feel led.

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