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we are the light. 
a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

MATTHEW 5:14-16



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Every product created and marketed by the Sanctuary Girl Design Team comes from the heart. The goal of our product line is to speak life, cover the wearer with truth, and to provide an experience beyond jewelry. Our catalog of products speaks to our guests and affirms and encourages them when and where they need it most, while also providing income for families at 35% commission for our Brand Ambassadors. 

It's not often representatives of a company have the opportunity to market and provide a product that can change mindsets, affirm, and bring healing to their audience. Sanctuary Girl provides that opportunity. By providing our Brand Ambassadors with custom products exclusive only to them, with strong messaging and the ability to impact the lives of their audience, they are able to do more than sell products. 

They are able to change lives. 


Sanctuary Girl is determined to create space for the passions of its Brand Ambassadors. Many of our representatives come to our company with interests and causes of their own, including domestic violence, suicide awareness, Christian ministry and advancement, women in entrepreneurship, mental health, and more. It is important to us that they be given opportunities to integrate their Sanctuary Girl business into their own passions, using their marketing and business activities to further their heart causes. 

At Sanctuary Girl, performance is important, but being able to ensure that every Brand Ambassador has a heart for what she is doing and who she is reaching through her business is more important. Our company provides a platform for them to reach the audience they have a passion for, and it is our honor to serve them as they make their impact. The collection of passions in our company has tremendous power to change the world one cause at a time, and it is our goal to see those passions thrive.

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The purpose or mission of Sanctuary Girl is to equip, empower, and embolden women to share their faith stories with a product and a company that stands behind them. 

There is no greater purpose in the earth than to equip people to share their faith, to instill light, and to further love. With every strategy, product design, training, and resource, Sanctuary Girl incorporates this mission into our corporate activities and behaviors. Every Brand Ambassador who joins our company is a part of this purpose, determining to impact and influence those in their own communities for the greater good. With extensive opportunities for training to equip, coaching and mentoring to empower, and shining light on examples that embolden, we look to instill purpose in every single person that is a part of our company. People on purpose is our priority. No one is here on accident. 


No company is bigger than its responsibility towards its people.

The people of Sanctuary Girl are our heart. Without them, we cannot exist and our mission cannot proceed. Our Community is a collection of humans, stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. Our Sanctuary Girl family operates by way of a theme called "village leadership" wherein we lead and work and do life together. Our goal is to create a Community that forges ahead, arm-in-arm, seeking the success and accomplishment of everyone in our field, with no regard to title, experience, or reach. 

Sanctuary Girl reaches within its Community to spotlight Brand Ambassadors and their gifts. We have authors, teachers, coaches, homeschool moms, pastors, and corporate professionals. We pride ourselves on seeing and knowing the whole person, whether she stands out in performance or not. Our Community fosters the same love, light, and truth that we empower our Brand Ambassadors to share with their audiences. We think of ourselves as family. 

We are no bigger that the hearts, minds, and spirits of our people. They are our focus and will always be our focus as we grow. You can be a part of that. 

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The people behind sanctuary girl

Our team is a small and close-knit team. With God's help, this motley crew has been able to do big things.
Discover the people behind the scenes with our Chief Global Officer, Monica Perez-Burnett.

the benefits of our hybrid retail model

Product showcase
Product showcase

Innovative technology and service that supports our Brand Ambassadors in their business. Automated processes are created to enhance our Brand Ambassadors' experience and that of their customers. Training, tangible resources, coaching and more are available to help our Community to succeed. 

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Multiple channels and strategies to run their business the best way it fits their own lifestyle, including retail, one-to-one customer transaction, or the home social. Ambassadors from all walks of life can tailor their Sanctuary Girl business to what fits their family, lifestyle, and financial needs. 

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Sanctuary Girl has its foot in the present, but its eyes on the future.

Our goals for the future development of Sanctuary Girl include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking our company global, particularly to underserved regions where the message we bring is most needed. Our goal is to reach the world with a message of Christ, love, and truth. We believe this is where change in our world can begin: through the efforts of one person at a time.
  • Developing a Spanish line of products to minister to the people of the United States who do not speak English. In the ever-changing demographic of our nation, it is important for our company to adjust to meet the needs of all people. 
  • Becoming a strong force in the retail market, providing a product that is not only visually appealing and on-trend, but also valuable and impactful in its meaning and spiritual impact on the wearer. 
  • Creating a Community of entrepreneurs who are able to have a tremendous effect on their own communities through philanthropic and social activities, supported and subsidized by their company. Our goal is to help each Brand Ambassador to increase her influence with any support we are able to provide. 

diversity is everything

We believe success, community, impact, and leadership are for everyone and anyone who wants to achieve it.
We desire for our Community to reflect the rich tapestry of the world we live in. We think it does. 

from our family to yours:
we welcome you to sanctuary girl