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Technology & Innovation

We are committed to staying cutting edge to provide excellence in service and experience. 

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digital marketing 

Providing richly designed digital resources easily shared from your fingertips to your guests and your social media channels direct from your portal.

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relevant and powerful training

Access to live training, continuous professional education & training in all things sales and business development through the Sanctuary Girl Academy.

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Professional & compelling graphics

Represent your Sanctuary Girl brand in excellence with professional and compelling graphics and product photography direct from your Creative Team.

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Meet Remi. She's amazing. 

Remi is Sanctuary Girl's Virtual Assistant to her Brand Ambassadors and Guests. Remi is short for "reminder" and serves when and where her humans who run Sanctuary Girl cannot. You can find her busy helping Guests locate shipments and orders, discover more about our products, and figure out where to go on our e-marketplace, and you can find her busy on our Facebook page, keeping Brand Ambassadors reminded of important announcements, trainings, and events. With your support, Remi is able to provide an enhanced experience for all who encounter her! Remi says thank you. 

We were created to stand out.

Our goal is to create an experience that our users, both Guests and Brand Ambassadors, will never forget. 
We desire to operate and present our brand in an excellence that makes our Company proud and glorifies God.
Our technology is just one part of that. Excellence in all things reflects a heart of a company whose sole desire it is to please Him.

Sabrina Hayes, CEO | Founder, Sanctuary Girl

What does the Sanctuary Girl Tech Subscription include? 

  • Access and maintenance of Sanctuary Girl portals and product updates. 
  • New features for Guests & Brand Ambassadors including suggestive selling pop-ups to increase sales, Paypal commission payouts, and shareable content from in-portal. 
  • Personal training and coaching from HQ Sales Team 
  • Access to the HQ-moderated Official Sanctuary Girl Community and the official Sanctuary Girl Messenger Bot for resources, training, updates, and more
  • Guest credit card processing and multiple payment system offerings.
  • Supporting graphics for Sanctuary Girl programs including World Gifting Day, Six Weeks of Specials, Elite, New Ambassador joins, partnering, Grand Social, etc.
  • Ambassador and Customer Newsletter
  • Live customer service chat feature now available to customers direct from website
  • Access to professionally produced and edited photography provided by the HQ Creative Team for use in personal and professional marketing 

How much is the Subscription and how often must it be paid? Is it required? 

The Tech Subscription is $12 monthly, payable beginning on the day a new Brand Ambassador joins. The Subscription is required of all Brand Ambassadors, to support their new platform and all of the resources that come available from the moment he or she joins. The $12 is processed automatically through a subscription service once sign up is complete. All Brand Ambassadors are required to begin, and maintain, the Tech Subscription. 

What happens if a Brand Ambassador does not remit the Subscription? 

Unsuccessful Subscription transactions will result in immediate suspension of Brand Ambassador portals and access until the Subscription is met and satisfied. Removal from the Sanctuary Girl Community is also effected upon the decline of Subscription transactions. Brand Ambassadors should plan for transactions to occur once per month in order to avoid any suspensions or missed opportunities to work their Sanctuary Girl business.  

Is the Subscription still applicable if a Brand Ambassador does not have any sales? 

Tech Subscriptions are valid in any month that a Brand Ambassador is active with Sanctuary Girl. Active constitutes a working agreement between the Brand Ambassador and the Company. Subscriptions may successfully be terminated upon the receipt of an official notice of self-termination received in writing by the Brand Ambassador. Lack of sales activity does not automatically generate a self-termination or cancellation of the Subscription.   

Can the Subscription be deducted from my commission?  

Sanctuary Girl does not offer this service at this time.   

How do I register for my Tech Subscription?  

Complete registration by clicking here and get started! Or visit the Resources tab on sanctuarygirl.com.