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Ready to add products to your boutique that have ministry impact at the same time? 

Wholesale with SanctuaryGirl™ and be a part of sharing your faith with your customers and community!

Meet the new SanctuaryGirl™ Wholesale Program, the blessing you have been asking for! Our mission is to help any woman who wants to enhance her own Kingdom-based boutique with products that share faith and love and to do it with the best support. Our goal is to reach as many women for Christ throught the marketplace and make our mark as a Christian-owned business on the retail world for Him. We did it! Now you can too.

We are here to help.

3 Reasons Why SanctuaryGirl™ Wholesale is perfect for you. 

Free. We don't charge you to become a Wholesale Partner with SanctuaryGirl™. Your story and faith as a Christian is just as important as ours and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to share it. We provide everything you need to reach your customers: product, photography, and even support. It's free from us to you. If it reaches more women for Him, it's what we do. We want to partner with you to reach the nations.  

Faith-based. So many women are looking for a way to share their faith. Many of us do not feel fulfilled in that area unless we are in ministry positions or active in a thriving church. Now, you can have your voice known and your reach widened through the marketplace. Owning and marketing a boutique that offers women the Word through stylish and creative fashion accessories gives you the platform to not just share the Word, but to wear the Word. Anyone can sell anything these days! But with SanctuaryGirl™, women will be covered in God's Word because of YOU. 

Financial Blessing. Times are hard! Inflation, food costs, low incomes, and more make it harder for women today to support their households without getting multiple jobs, which interfere with the amount of time we can spend with their families. Our program creates another revenue stream for you that you can work from home. No commute. No overtime. No time away. You work to market your boutique and share with your community and we do the rest. When the sales begin to pour in, you'll be better equipped to take care at home, save, and best of all, give in ways you've not been able to give before. A Kingdom stream of income and addition to your store? Yes please! Plus, we can't go wrong when all we aim to do is share Christ! That's the biggest part!  

How does SanctuaryGirl™ Wholesale work? 

We have two ways for you to participate in our program: Traditional Wholesale and Dropshipping. Lets look at both of them to see which one suits you best. 

Traditional Wholesale. SanctuaryGirl.Com

1. As a licensed retailer, (this means you get your EIN and sales certificate as required in your state), you apply for a wholesale account on our website. Be sure you have a store ready so that we can see you are an actual store ready to go! (Here's a great page with a couple of step-by-step tutorials for how to set up a Shopify store just in case you aren't sure!)

2. Once approved, you have access to all of our amazing and life-giving products at a 50% discount!
3. Approved wholesalers are free to use our product photography and descriptions! If you have an online store and are approved as a wholesaler, grab the product photos that you would like to carry on your own boutique website and build your collections. You can also use our product descriptions and our suggested retail pricing. 

4. Once you've decided which products you want to carry, meet us back over here and grab what you need! Approved wholesalers enjoy a robust 50% off with no minimums and no packs required. We also offer amazing sample and live boxes if you love to go live with your customers to demonstrate or sell via video using a platform like CommentSold. 

5. Products are shipped within 7-10 business days! We do, however, aim to underpromise but overperform though so you will most likely get your goodies much sooner! Be sure! If you are selling via photography or live samples prior to making your actual wholesale purchase that you keep this timeframe in mind when you quote your customers shipping time!

This is a really good way if you want to be more hands on and don't really want to automate! 

 Dropshipping.  Connect your Shopify Store to us via the Synclogic App!

Shopify offers AMAZING third party apps that help you run your online store more effectively and efficiently. Shopify is one of those that are available to stores that run on the Shopify platform. SanctuaryGirl™ offers you the opportunity to connect your store with ours to automate your dropshipping experience. Here's how: 

1. Apply for a dropshipping/wholesale account on our website! (You can do that here.) 

2. We do take some time to check out the scene when new boutiques apply for wholesale or dropshipping so hold tight! It can be up to seven days max before you receive your approval. Please be sure to follow all of the instructions when you get them! We can't wait to meet you!

3. The instructions will include a code for you to connect your Shopify store with ours! You must be registered and approved to get and keep the code. 

4. After you have successfully synced your stores with ours, (being sure to follow the instructions sent to you with your approval!) you are ready to roll! Let's see how this works now: When Mary places an order for her bracelet now on your website for product that is synced with SanctuaryGirl™ using our Synclogic connection, an invoice will be sent to you. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF IT RIGHT AWAY! Check your email or spam folders and be sure that your notifications are set so you don't miss any invoices or orders! Orders don't firm up with us until they are paid and you don't want to keep your customer waiting! 

5. IMPORTANT: The best part of SyncLogic is that it allows for our retail prices to cross over to you! You must however, select that option when you set SyncLogic up. If you mess up somehow, unsync and send us a new request. Send us an email to wholesale@sanctuarygirl.com if you have questions. 

6. All imagery is the property of SanctuaryGirl™ and licensed for use by registered and approved retailers only. Retailers not authorized for use will be subject to legal action. 

Got questions? We've got answers! 

Still not clear on what dropshipping is? Check out this great video by Shopify to help!

Ready to get started? Once you've decided if you'd like to participate in our Dropshipping or Wholesale Program, click the Let Me In Button to get started! All approved applicants will receive a Wholesale Account, while specified Dropshipping Applicants will receive the code to connect via SyncLogic. We encourage you to order a sample box or a few pieces for yourself once you are approved to start wearing and sharing your new brand! Welcome to the SanctuaryGirl™ family friend! We are so excited to meet you!