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Sanctuary Girl products are designed right here in the United States and manufactured all over the world. In practicing care with your Sanctuary Girl Collection of inspirational accessories, you can enjoy your selections as long as you desire. Here are some quick tips on how to protect your products while wearing and storing. 

The 3 As of Jewelry Care & Maintenance

Always remove your jewelry before washing your hands, applying lotions or balms, using cleaning supplies, exercising, or anything that will draw moisture onto your products. Removing jewelry prior to sleeping will also protect your accessories from damage.

Avoid spraying chemicals on or around your jewelry including, but not limited to, perfumes, hair products, body sprays, or like substances. Do not wear your jewelry when swimming or coming into contact with water.

Arrange an organized and dry area to store your jewelry, preferably away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or humidity. We suggest storing your Collection in a jewelry box or in pouches to keep them clean, dry, and moisture-free.

What about the beads?

The best part about our beaded filler collection is that they accommodate most size wrists. In order to protect the integrity of the elastic band that offers this great option, however, you should never overstretch the elastic band beyond placing it over your hand for everyday wear. Be mindful that even in its flexibility, the beaded bracelets may not comfortably accommodate larger than normal wrists, which may place a strain on the elastic band and cause breakage. 

Beaded Filler Bracelets. Beaded fillers are a great way to add to our Wire Bangles for a fuller and more complete look on your wrist! Keep safe by avoiding over-stretching.

Wire Bangle | Stone & Shine Filler Bracelet Set  Stand Firm Cuff |  Vision Cuff | Magnetic Filler Bracelet

Cuffs & Leather.  The leather portions of your cuffs and fillers may be cleaned by wiping with a slightly damp cloth and allowed to air dry. Avoid harsh chemicals to protect the color and integrity of your leather products. Avoid exposing metallic elements of your leather jewelry to moisture to protect the finish. 

Wire Bangles | Sanctuary Girl Key  | Isaiah 61 Tablet | Purity Tags in Rose Gold and Silver 

Metals and Moisture don't mix! It's very important that you don't expose your metals to moisture as much as possible. This includes showering, swimming, rainfall, spraying liquids, or sweating while exercising. Keep your metals in a safe and dry place when you are in a humidity-rich environment to enjoy your pieces for as long as possible. 

Article credit : The Sanctuary Girl Product Team