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faith things first

When only God’s Word will do, the Faith Things First Collection presents pieces based on scripture and faith alone. Cover yourself in truth for every occasion.


inspired fashion

The Inspired Fashion Collection is full of inspiration and affirmation for everyone, regardless of faith or belief. Sometimes you just need to encourage yourself.


inspired home

When you need to be surrounded by inspiration and affirmation within your sanctuary, the Inspired Home Collection has just what you need.


i am

When you don’t feel beautiful, when you don’t feel loved, or when you don’t feel like you’re enough…remind yourself that you are ALL of these things because you are His. 

troublemaker cuff

These women who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here.
– Acts 17:6

It is the strongest piece this season. Troublemaker evokes curiosity and questions about the theme, and I LOVE to talk about it. Bring on the influence and impact we can have by encouraging others to live bigger for Christ!

inspired home

Because inspiration should always begin at home.